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Dreamlands personality,  from the food to the decor harkens back to a halcyon age. Nostalgia with a twist! They call it. Monte cristos mingle with Tigersblood margaritas in a disco ball hallway. Passion fruit whiskey sours dance the night away with spicy chicken strips on the dance floor and N/A cocktails catch up on emails with the endlesss forest before happy hour. And they all make it to drag brunch on Saturday to celebrate the weekend.


An age, which probably didn't exist except in memory. Where the staff is genuinely excited to see you, your friends are always down with another round, and every song that plays is your favorite song. Dreamland cares deeply about its guests, it's staff and creating special moments in time.


A community hub for Fremont, and the best damn chicken in waffles in the entire universe. But don't let me bore you with my rose tinted glasses they'll be the first to tell you everyday is better than yesterday.

-Captain Stone Cypress

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