Week Day & Dinner

Small Bites


Fries 7

With a trio of condiments -

ranch, fry sauce, and ketchup

Swap for sweet potato fries +3


Avocado Toast 13 

Macrina sourdough, avocado, soft boiled egg, chive ricotta, pickled red onion, watermelon radish, micro greens, everything seasoning and flower petals

Smoked Salmon Toast 17

Herbed goat cheese, sliced tomato, cucumber and red onion with capers, fresh dill and Norwegian style smoked salmon

Pimento Cheese 13

House pimento cheese, fried saltines, smoked sausage, house made pickles

Wedge Salad 11

Twin Sisters Blue Cheese Dressing, Cherry Tomato, Smoked Bacon, Everything Seasoning


Seasonal Salad 11 v gf

Chicories, pecorino, d'anjou pears, chives, candied hazelnuts,

green goddess dressing

Soup Du Jour 12 gf

Loaded baked potato chowder, with bacon and cheddar cheese

*contains dairy


Chicken Strips with Fries 13

Choose spicy or regular.

With ranch, sweet pepper jelly,

and honey mustard

Sub vegetarian chicken 2


Mac and Cheese 12 v

3 cheese sauce made with Cheddar, Swiss and Pepper Jack cheese

Fruit Bowl 12 v

Seasonal fruit, Mascarpone,

oat clusters, and honey drizzle

Add yogurt 3

Cauliflower 12 v

Tempura fried Cauliflower, Nori, Black Sesame, Gochujang ranch


Panna Cotta 8 v gf

Cereal milk panna cotta, Fruity Pebbles brittle

Chocolate Truffle Pie 10

Faretti biscotti liqueur, Ritz Cracker crust, Fennel Pollen and chili candied hazelnuts and fresh whipped cream 

Dreamland Root Beer Float 10 gf

Boyland root beer with vanilla bean ice cream


Chilaquiles 16 v gf

Adobo chilaquile, cotija, 2 eggs, guacamole, sour cream


Monte Cristo 22

Coconut cream, battered cornflake french toast, ham, turkey, swiss, raspberry jam, dijon aioli, mixed greens


The McDreamy

Ground ribeye and chuck patty, charred onion mayo, dill pickles, American cheese and your choice of side

1 burger for 10

2 burgers for 15

Sub Impossible patty 1$ per burger

Pasta alla Disco 22

Rigatoni, vodka sauce, house made italian sausage, fried parsley, Pangrattato, garlic confit, grated pecorino


Dreamland Two Egg Breakfast 18

Two eggs, choice of protein

(bacon, ham, sausage), hash browns,

Macrina sourdough toast

Sub Royal Ranch Ribeye 15

Crunchy Wrap Supreme 17

Painted hills short rib, black beans, cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion. With guacamole, sour cream, & birria jus on the side


Steak Frites 35

Royal Ranch Ribeye, Charred Shallot,
fries w/ aioli, green salad


Breakfast  Sandwich 14

Macrina sodo bun, porchetta,

spicy aioli, arugula, fried egg, and 

choice of side


The Endless Forest 16 v

Farro, quinoa, miso roasted root vegetable, mushroom, almond butter, date syrup, balsamic redux

Add Norwegian smoked salmon 7


Big Daddy Cluck 19

Fried chicken, coleslaw, bacon, Macrina sodo bun, pickled jalapeno, sweet pepper jelly,

and choice of side

Sub vegetarian chicken 2


Chicken & Waffle 18

Fried chicken, waffle,

sweet pepper jelly, and syrup

Sub vegetarian chicken 2

Carnelian Bay

Available Tues-Sat


Honey Walnut Torpedo Shrimp 15

Torpedo shrimp, cabbage slaw, honey walnut aioli

Deconstructed Crab Rangoon 15 gf

Fried wontons, Dungeness crab mix, pickled shallots and chili, nori salt

Blistered Shishitos 13

Housemade chili crisp, shishito peppers, sesame, fried shallots, ranch

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.